The Linen Clothing Collection celebrates the natural beauty of the garments as well as the women who wear them. Sustainable and functional, this collection offers elegant comfort in relaxed environments, perfect for a sunny day at the beach, but equally suitable at a semi-formal occasion. Earthy tones pay homage to the origin of the material itself – an end-product which started life, growing in a field.


An all-black collection for your everyday strong and confident women. Black is always stylish, sophisticated and elegant. The garments in this collection can be dressed up for formal occasions, dressed down for a casual lunch or can be jazzed up with a few accessories for a night out. It’s a fun, ready-to-wear collection for any type of woman out there.

“I own too much black” – No one, ever


Tropical infusion inspired features and colours are part of the Spring/Summer 2019 Collection. The designs are simple and classic, but have a summer feel with the lovely prints in bright colours. The collection has an island feel with its pineapple, coconut and palm leaf prints that will leave you longing for the beach.


The Cruise collection of 2017 is Leocé’s launch collection. The garments in this collection are simple, classic yet elegant and sophisticated pieces ready for everyday wear. Silk blouses, wool dresses and cashmere coats with hand painted buttons all ensure a unique collection.


This collection is all about delicate textures and soft colours. The pastels and pleats exude the feeling of summer, while the designs are simple, with a few unique embellishments on each piece. The chosen fabrics add an extra touch of elegance to the garments and each item has an air of effortless style.


Rusts, luxury mustard and deep teal are some of the bright and warm colours complementing this season. The garments remain classically elegant with bold cuffs and unique collars in luxurious winter fabrics. This is a collection for the everyday women who wants to make a statement of style and sophistication. The garments are easy to mix and match to create your perfect look. Whether it is a formal evening, smart-casual cocktail party or just a simple day out shopping, there are certainly a few pieces that will be perfect for any event.


Strong prints, royal navy and elegant embroidery form part of this collection. Wool and cashmere coats will keep you warm on those cold winter days. The prints chosen for this collection are different sizes and shapes of orchids. Orchids are graceful and represent luxury, beauty and strength, as does our Fall/Winter 2018 Collection.


Our Wedding Dresses are known for its classic yet elegant style. Our market is not only suited for the traditional bride as we like to explore with various colour palettes, unique details and trend setting silhouettes. Browse through the Wedding Collection to find the perfect gown.