Welcome to Leocé Luxury Couture

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Welcome to Leocé Luxury Couture

Having somewhere to go is home. Having someone to love is family. And having both is a blessing.” Every end is a new beginning. Welcome to the new chapter in our journey – welcome to Leocé Luxury Couture.

Over the last year, director and head designer George Stander has dedicated much headspace to his brand, his business and what the future holds. It was during this time that he became very nostalgic about his younger days; a time when he spent most of his days surrounded by his family. This got George thinking about how important a role his family played in his life, who he is today and, by extension, what his business has become. As an ode to his family, George decided to do something calculated but drastic: he decided to rebrand his business. Geo by George is now Leocé Luxury Couture.

A culmination of names in George’s family, Leocé is truly a brand for women of every age, producing garments that can be dressed up for formal occasions or that all-important business meeting, but can also be dressed down for a casual dinner with loved ones. “My roots are the essence of my whole being. As a family we may be different in many ways, but we have one thing in common – love,” says George. “With this big change comes one big promise: I will continue to design and produce luxury garments of the highest quality. This is something that will never change.” He adds that he has a deep passion for his career, and that it’s a special feeling knowing that his family are now a part of his journey.

Every Leocé piece provides women with a sense of elegance, style and empowerment – it makes women feel powerful and confident, while adding an elegant, feminine touch.